Everyone knows the most powerful way to share who you are and what you do is through video.  But… just any video?  You've seen many 'self-produced' videos from friends and businesses alike that have made you cringe either from poor production value, boring content, weak story-telling or bad direction. Video is a powerful medium. Therefore, putting a bad video into the world is powerful too - in the wrong direction. You can just as easily create the opposite effect of your intention to promote yourself or your company successfully by releasing a poor video.  

So, what makes a great video?  Production value is only part of it.  The artistic eye is also only part of it. Compelling video has the ability to draw the audience in and cause them to be interested without realizing it. In the age of free information, your video should offer something to the watcher that leaves them feeling more informed - and intrigued. Knowing your audience is key, as is having a specific outcome in mind for your video. How do you want to leave your audience feeling? What would you like them to perceive about you or your company?  A skilled director can create an atmosphere through visual story telling, dialogue (or no dialogue), music and sound that brings the watcher into a world, and gives them an engaging experience. 

When sussing out a production company for your promotional video, don’t be fooled by slick production alone. As technology becomes more affordable and accessible, more and more producers can flaunt aerial shots, seamless pans, graphics and even special effects. While this type of production may initially seem impressive, it may not likely sell your product, promote your business or represent you effectively. It is not a bad thing to see slick production in a video, but without the crucial story-telling, the right amount of information shared and emotion portrayed, your fancy video may do nothing for your business. 

The heart of Switchdef Media is in bringing out the greatness in each person we work with. We will walk you through the process, beginning to end, partnering with you to conceptualize and deliver a product you can be extremely proud of.  Our mission is always to exceed your expectations.  Creative Director, Chaplyn, has been a coach of personal development, specializing in effective communication. Being an artist herself, she understands the value of your efforts, time and money, and the importance of a vision brought to fruition. 

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